IIEP Model

Industry Internship Education Programme (IIEP)


What is IIEP?

Industry Internship Education Programme (IIEP) is a unique concept launched by Maharishi Dayanand Education Group wherein the learning is seamlessly integrated with institution and industry. The learning starts in any of the vocational training centres affiliated to MDEG Training Centre whereas the practical learning happens in the place of his / her work. This adds more weightage to the course as the student attains subject knowledge as well as field knowledge or practical knowledge.


The students who have studied through IIEP mode will have better knowledge, both theoretical as well as practical so that they are better equipped to face the industry. In India, we are best in imparting theoretical knowledge whereas there are a lot of pitfalls when practical knowledge is imparted in regular mode. We would like to resolve this and ensure that students are equipped in a better manner to face the world. The students will have an edge over regular students due to their latest practical knowledge.

Difference between Regular Education & IIEP Education


Regular Education

IIEP Education


Regular Education falls under conventional mode where in the education is imparted all through the year

IIEP Education falls under Non-Formal education wherein the student learns in the institution and applies it in the industry


Need to be present all through the year and cannot participate in other works

Part-Time Education, or education as required by the students.


Regular Education focuses on theoretical education

IIEP Education focuses on theoretical as well as practical education


Need to work hard to get job

Due to expert knowledge, getting (better) job is a cake walk for most students.


Note:Students are required to fill in the internship form which is provided along with application form to make them eligible for internship.

About our National Coordinator

S.K. Computer & Vocational Training Centre is our National Coordinator which promotes MDEG Programs . S.K.C-VTC will provide affiliation to all centres in the name of Educational Training Centre. The Governing Body has promulgated laws in such a manner that S.K.C-VTC will ensure, everything is being done systematically. The Academic Committee which consists of eminent educationists give valuable suggestions in conducting the courses. The Executive Committee executes the orders of Governing Body and ensures that service is provided to every centre in a proper and timely manner.

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